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Precision Oncology Resources: Webinars

1:00 PM
US Eastern

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Panel Talk: PGx Testing Developments and Future Directions

Adverse drug events (ADE) account for approximately 1.3 million emergency room visits each year with 350,000 patients needing to be hospitalized for further treatment. Pharmacogenomics (PGx) testing is a fast-evolving and essential tool for providing better, safer, and more personalized patient healthcare in an effort to reduce ADEs. In this webinar, past AMP president and renowned PGx thought leader Vicky Pratt and director of precision medicine at LetsGetChecked Bronwyn Ramey will discuss the current and future state of the PGx testing landscape. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Views on the current status of PGx testing.
  • Recent PGx testing guideline developments.
  • Thoughts on the trajectory and future of precision medicine.

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1:00 PM
US Eastern

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Unleashing the Power of Real-World Clinico-Genomic Data in Advancing Precision Oncology

Comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) examines the mutational status of hundreds of genes for oncology patients and is used most often in late-stage cancers. The results, paired with clinical information, support precision medicine-based treatment approaches. There are hurdles to the broader adoption of this technique; one of which is technology challenges. Different steps for easing the process of ordering and resulting would make a notable difference in turnaround time as well as clarity of results. The adoption of such technology solutions could also facilitate downstream uses of the data, making genomics data structured to support broad queries for investigational R&D.

In this webinar, Suzzette Arnal, senior director of precision medicine at The US Oncology Network, will discuss the benefits of CGP in a community oncology setting and how it can be best applied, including the tools that best enable CGP across a wide network and multiple commercial labs. Arnal will examine how these results can feed into a larger ecosystem of research and where genetic assays fit in the future of precision medicine.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The value of clinico-genomic data for both providers and life sciences.
  • The importance of diversity in clinico-genomic data. 
  • How clinico-genomic data can help better design clinical trials.
  • How genomics data is affecting testing at the point of care and what it means for precision medicine.

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3:00 PM
US Eastern

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Data- and Computation-Driven Drug Discovery and the Promise of Human-Centric Biology

Rapid advancements across physics, computer science, engineering, and materials science are transforming drug discovery. But ultimately, these transformations are about people — the patients who benefit from discoveries and the biotech leaders who are using human-centric biology and chemistry platforms to create the next generation of treatments.

Alice Zhang, the CEO and cofounder of Verge Genomics, built Verge with the vision that successful drug discovery for humans must start with human genomic data, not animal and cell models. Advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning create human predictive models and extract insights from the intersection of science and human data points.

In this presentation, Zhang will discuss how this novel approach can accelerate drug discovery and help create the future pharmaceutical companies of the digital age.

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