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Anocca, EmendoBio Partner to Advance CRISPR Gene-Edited TCR-T Therapies

NEW YORK – Anocca on Thursday said it had inked a nonexclusive license agreement to develop its T-cell receptor engineered T-cell therapy pipeline with the help of EmendoBio's CRISPR-discovered nuclease, OMNI-A4.

EmendoBio uses its OMNI CRISPR gene editing platform to discover and optimize nucleases to reach any target. The platform can work with a variety of in vivo delivery systems and ex vivo cell therapies, according to the New York-based firm.

Anocca hopes to use the OMNI-A4 nuclease to scale production of TCR-T therapies it is developing for difficult-to-treat cancers. Specifically, the Södertälje, Sweden-based firm will use the nuclease to advance its lead TCR-T targeting KRAS mutations into the clinic, Anocca CEO and Cofounder Reagan Jarvis said in a statement. The company has two KRAS-targeted TCR-T therapies in investigational new drug (IND)-enabling studies, one targeting KRAS G12V mutations and another targeting KRAS G12D mutations. Anocca also has programs targeting PRAME, MAGE-A4, MAGE-A3, and NY-ESO-1 in IND-enabling studies.

"This next-generation gene-editing system provides the precision and efficiency needed to scale out production of our growing libraries of TCR-T products in a high-precision manufacturing process," Jarvis added. "We are excited to work with EmendoBio to develop gene-edited TCR-T cell therapies as we prepare for our first clinical program targeting the KRAS driver mutation in a hard-to-treat solid cancer."