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Novigenix-Led Consortium Awarded Up to €1M to Develop Predictive Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Test

NEW YORK — A research consortium led by Novigenix has received a Eurostars grant worth up to €1 million ($1.2 million) to develop a blood-based test to predict cancer patient responses to immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs), the Swiss molecular diagnostics firm said on Tuesday.

According to Novigenix, the consortium — which includes PamGene International and Radboud University — has already generated data predicting metastatic urothelial cancer patients' responses to anti-PD-1 checkpoint inhibitors.

The group will build off this work using use mRNA and kinase activity profiling to identify multi-omic predictive signatures for ICI response with Novigene contributing its expertise in immuno-transcriptomics and artificial intelligence, PamGene providing kinome technology, and Radboud University researchers leading a clinical network for the prospective collection of biological specimens and data interpretation.

In January, Novigenix and collaborators were awarded up to €1 million from Eurostars, which is funded by European governments and the European Union, to develop a blood-based multi-omics colorectal cancer assay.