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Geneseeq Nabs CE Marks for Residual Disease and Cancer Early Detection Tests

NEW YORK – Cancer diagnostics firm Geneseeq Technology said Tuesday that both its multi-cancer minimal residual disease detection (MRD) and multi-cancer early detection (MCED) kits have been CE-marked for use in solid tumor patients.

The Toronto-based company said this will enable it to expand its global business operations and establish new partnerships in the European market.

Geneseeq's MRD detection kit, dubbed Shielding, employs an ultra-deep sequencing technology that the firm calls ATG-SEQ to detect low levels of circulating tumor DNA in patients' peripheral blood after surgical removal of their tumor.

The company has published data on the use of this approach to predict recurrence in lung cancer patients.

For early cancer detection, Geneseeq has developed an in vitro diagnostic kit using a highly sensitive next-generation sequencing-based technology, called MERCURY, to assess multiomic features of circulating free DNA that distinguish tumorigenesis in asymptomatic individuals.