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By VolitionRx

Perspective: The Epigenetic Keys to Unlocking the Full Potential of Immunotherapy

Epigenetics is the key to unlocking the full potential of cancer therapy, including immunotherapies, by revealing deep insights into how the body reacts and responds to medication.

By Revvity

Advancements in Alzheimer's Treatment Unveil New Diagnostic Applications

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As more Alzheimer’s disease treatment options become available, the field of diagnostics is rapidly evolving to adapt to new demands.

By Foundation Medicine

Foundation Medicine Unveils Strategy to Support Cancer CDx Filings with RWE from Clinico-Genomic Database

Foundation Medicine and Flatiron Health are introducing a novel capability for supporting companion diagnostic regulatory filings with real-world data from the Flatiron Health-Foundation Medicine Clinico-Genomic Database.

By AstraZeneca

Perspective: Patients with Resectable Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) – Your Referral Is As Mighty As Your Scalpel

Comprehensive biomarker testing can be integral in determining a multi-disciplinary team’s approach to managing their patient’s cancer diagnosis.

By Oxford BioDynamics

Q&A: Analyzing Blood, Not the Tumor: A Novel Test for Personalized Cancer Immunotherapy

Genkin 2.png

In this Q&A, Igor Genkin, medical director at Salem Regional Cancer Center, discusses a minimally invasive test detecting 3D genomic markers that returns a binary result to the ordering physician with high accuracy: “low probability” or “high probability” of response to any immune checkpoint inhibitors.

By Revvity

Perspective: Data-Driven Strategies Streamline Cell Therapy Development

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Cell therapy has the potential to create highly innovative, life-changing medicines with never-before-achieved therapeutic and curative potential, but fragmented processes and inefficient data management can slow down cell therapy pipelines.

By Kinnate Biopharma

BRAF Class II and NRAS-Targeting Drug Shows Promising Efficacy, Safety, and Tolerability in Early Phase I Data

The agent could potentially contribute to meeting the significant medical need posed by patients whose tumors harbor these alterations.

By Foundation Medicine

Foundation Medicine Releases New Data at ASCO on Use of HRD Algorithm in Early Breast and Ovarian Cancer, Enhancing Evidence Build

The findings support Foundation's algorithm, called HRDsig, as a strong predictor of response to PARP inhibition.

By Complete Genomics

Complete Genomics Unveils New Partnerships at 18th Anniversary

The company will partner separately with Invivoscribe and AccuraGen for the development of cancer biomarker and minimal residual disease tests.

By Foundation Medicine

Foundation Medicine Study Shows Value of ctDNA Tumor Fraction for Treatment Response Monitoring in Clinical Research

The results add to evidence for the potential of ctDNA tumor fraction as a new monitoring tool that could allow clinical researchers to detect tumor progression and change treatment strategies earlier than through current methods.